Chocolate Cake

Pound Cake


Angel Food

White Cake

Carrot Cake

Cake is also a form of bread or bread like food. The difference:  Cake is normally Sinfully Sweet but oh so enjoyable. 

So many choices to pick from... One level, two levels even three and more.  You can layer them with delicious frostings, add some berries, maybe some whipped cream the ideas and flavors are endless.

Either way you slice it you can always enjoy a piece of cake anytime.

Order your cake now you don't need a reason to celebrate.  


Banana Nut

Carrot Cake


Bread is one of the oldest staple foods around. Making homemade bread is time consuming but worth having the warm comforting aroma filling your home. It brings everyone immediately to the table. 

You can't control yourself, when it is right out of the oven, to grab the butter or honey, a glass of cold milk or hot coffee with a hint of brandy and take some time to enjoy that first bite. Your problems at that moment will fade away.

Enjoy this delightful food. It will fill the void of hunger.

The best time is now to order yours today. It's also a great night time snack.

Call for pricing on full cakes and loaf breads

German Chocolate