These brownies are fresh, chewy and honestly "magnificent" if I say so myself.  I can make them with or without frosting, with or without walnuts.  Either way --- You will want another and then another until the plate is empty.

Get an ice cold glass of milk ready when you place an order for these delicious bites.


If you love lemon, I know I do, I have a lemon lover's delight just for you.  A tart and tantalizing lemon cheesecake combines a zing of lemon tartness with the sweetness of softened cream cheese and complimented with a graham cracker crust. It is exactly what a lemon lover should order to fill that craving.


Only the best natural ingredients will go into my pastries.

Specialties are all special ordered

There is No substitute for REAL butter, lemon juice, fresh eggs, cream, chocolate, vanilla or nuts.


It took me several attempts to finally get this recipe perfected to my standards. Sweet flaky phyllo dough, walnuts, honey and just hint of a secret flavor added. Trust me, you won't even know what my secret flavor might be.

The sweet flaky dough will melt in your mouth. Guaranteed.