Phyllo Cups 

you choose the filling or ask for my "new" cappuccino cream.

Powdered Lemon Tartletts


Key Lime Tart

Berry Cream Cheese


Everyone loves the elegance of a miniature sweet tart. My tarts are made with the finest ingredients using fresh fruit, lemons, pumpkin, apples, citrus, cream cheese or chocolate. There are so many other flavors that can make a tart irresistible.  

A warm apple tart is so inviting when the weather turns cold. There is something appealing when you smell the apples baking encrusted with cinnamon and sugar.  Add the flaky crust and you know that the warmth will be true satisfaction.

I enjoy working with lemons, to me, it is the most favorite dessert flavor bar none. It is such a versatile fruit. Used as a garnish or as a dessert the wonderful fragrance sends my mind into thinking of a new pastry. 



Lemon Cream Cheese

Chocolate Delight

Pumpkin Tarts

Cappuccino Cream

Lemon Curd

Coconut Chocolate Tarts

Lemon Zest